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  TaD Bandee

Meet Hone Dee

Honey Dee Hearts is a fun match 4 hearts game. Get 4 same-color hearts in a row, straight across, up, down or diagonal to gain points. Invite a friend and race to win!

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Creators of the Toons

Have you ever wondered where cartoon character’s came from? Who created these adorable pals? Where do they get their personality and their purpose that draws us to their clever, humorous or friendly nature? Click the button and find out!

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Meet the Toons

Which of the toons is your favorite? To see each of the Cartoon Gem toons, from inspiration to implementation, click below. Experience the personality of each toon in illustration, comics, and cartoon animation.

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E-Book Reviews

“As a learning expert, reading specialist and author, I know how easy it is for children to learn new facts when they read them in a fun and exciting story.

Your child will create a mental movie of this delightful cartoon story and be able to tell you such facts as how deep the Pacific Ocean is, what kinds of fish swim in the ocean, and so much more.

I highly recommend Professor BEEtoven’s Pacific Ocean Adventure for every young reader.”