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Honey Dee Hearts is a fun match 4 hearts game. Get 4 same-color hearts in a row, straight across, up, down or diagonal to gain points. Invite a friend and race to win!

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Creators of the Toons

Have you ever wondered where cartoon character’s came from? Who created these adorable pals? Where do they get their personality and their purpose that draws us to their clever, humorous or friendly nature? Click the button and find out!

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Meet the Toons

Which of the toons is your favorite? To see each of the Cartoon Gem toons, from inspiration to implementation, click below. Experience the personality of each toon in illustration, comics, and cartoon animation.

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E-Book Reviews

Troubled kids often turn to entertainment in order to escape the harsh realities of their lives, and that media can take many forms. Mind-numbing television cartoons are often less than innocuous these days with chaotically-drawn cartoons that either promote violence or rely on crude humor to carry the story. Kids ebooks are no exception, and for troubled kids who need role models in their lives, there may be recourse in Professor Beetoven and his group of unlikely but unique friends. The Professor himself may turn a child towards relying upon his own intelligence, finding a path through knowledge and learning facts about the world, as well as his example of openness and transparency; he isn’t one who boasts about what he knows. Tad the Frog captures a lot of the frustrations and anger kids may feel, but learns to cope through understanding other people (Barnacle Bill, for instance, is hard of hearing) and learning to be compassionate and patient. Kids can relate to these characters, and not only escape from their troubles for a bit, but also discover traits that are inside them as well, and ways of coping and dealing with the world around them. All the characters in Professor Beetoven’s cadre of friends, included in the children’s ebook, The Pacific Ocean, have attributes that kids can identify with and provide alternate ways of coping with their problems. Such values are subtly communicated through the use of story, without being preachy or overtly seeking to teach values. What’s more, a troubled child may find his curiosity about the world of nature piqued, and through that intrigue find a path of self-knowledge through learning about nature, a path that can transcend individual problems and personal situations that cause a child to feel trapped or even to have thoughts of despair and hopelessness.

Kathy Kennedy
School Teacher

"If you think that good picture books to amuse children can't be educational tools for teachers, The Pacific Ocean will change your mind.

The book was designed to be used as an educational tool, and provides quite a lot of information about the largest ocean in the world, including such things as what powers controlled it, when it was settled, how it crosses the International Date Line (and what that is), ports, type of fish, average depth and lots more.

The information is presented in kid-friendly, easy to understand format through the dialogue of Barnacle Bill, Tad the Frog and Professor BEEtoven the Bee.

The text is peppered with vivid and funny comic style illustrations that immediately draw the eye. Homeschoolers and teachers can build several lessons around this book and children will hardly know they're being taught. Parents can read their children a really interesting story while everyone learns a bunch of facts. Geography, literacy, and history are all touched on in this well presented and richly written book designed for ages ranging from preschooler to around 8 years old or so."

Magdalena Ball
The Compulsive Reader

"Professor Beetoven is an intelligent bee who hangs out with a group of friends that exhibit a variety of eclectic character traits, all of which kids can relate to in their own world.

The professor is smart, but not a show off; he knows everything, but remains humble. This is a great quality to teach children.

Coupled with the professor’s investigative passion for learning is a sense of adventure that he shares with his friends. My children can relate to the various qualities his friends have, from feeling lazy and mischievous or even grumpy and angry to being misunderstood. There is a funny series of exchanges between Tad the Frog and Barnacle Bill.

These characters appeal to the emotional lives of children, as well as to their natural intellectual curiosity.

The Pacific Ocean offers an outstanding, fact-filled and humorous adventure, the perfect tool to pique the curiosity of any child, learn scientific facts about the ocean and its inhabitants, while also being entertained. This kid’s e-book makes learning not only fun, but an adventure as well.

Parent, Dallas, TX