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We live in a culture where entertainment is the premium value, where everything from the food we eat to children’s ebooks is targeted to merely attract the eye, satisfy the ear, or appeal to the quick fix. An entire way of looking at the world has evolved from fast food and infected us, and this has a tremendous impact on our children, who suffer from short attention spans, superficial values, and a real lack of in depth knowledge or interest in the world around them. As they become older, texting becomes more important than real communication, formulaic and bland pop music tends to shape an average teens sense of identity, and violent, crude movies takes the place of reading and learning.
Well, kids may lie somewhere within a spectrum, but it’s important to incubate in them the desire for something more than the fluff and empty pretext for entertainment, that is thrown at them constantly from multiple media points. One way of igniting a more profound level of awareness in your child is to begin to challenge them early. Stretch their imaginations beyond the surface by introducing them to books and kid’s eBooks that go beyond the cheap gimmick or passing fad.

Professor Beetoven and his friends provide an example of a children’s ebook that offers not only an appealing, colorful cast of characters, but which also present a challenge to learn more about the adventure of science. In the kid’s ebook, The Pacific Ocean, children are not only entertained, but also introduced to amazing facts about the sea, and a constant diet of that kind of illuminating knowledge can provide just the kind of nutrition that can set a course for a healthy intellectual diet when the child is older as well.

Home schooling and Professor Beetoven

Professor Beetoven and the cast of characters who are his friends are a perfect arsenal in any homeschool curriculum. Professor Beetoven is a friendly bee with a big brain and is curious about the world around him; moreover, he loves to communicate everything he knows. In The Pacific Ocean, the Professor shares the stage with Barnacle Bill, a loveable merchant mariner who is a bit hard of hearing, as they share information about the ocean, its parameters and measurements, its dangers and ports and its multitude of inhabitants, as well as a few, perhaps unintentional, puns. This is a wonderful book to have as a tool to teach while “taking a break”, an entertaining and humorous, fun-filled adventure ripe with various facts that become in the ears of small children morsels of curiosity and wonder. Professor Beetoven and his friends communicate a sense of adventure not only in the normal sense (Tad the Frog excitedly wonders if they will surf the waves in the harbor, but it kindly advised that harbors do not have waves), but also make learning itself an adventure.

The home school environment is sometimes more rigorous that other styles of education, and home schooled children are often made to meet higher standards of excellence than kids who attend public school. The Professor and his cast of friends are extremely easy for kids to relate with, and offer a way of teaching kids not only facts about science and the world around them, but about socialization as well, how people relate and communicate with each other, and why it is important to build strong character qualities such as humility, kindness, patience and humor. The Pacific Ocean is a great book to use to teach scientific facts to your small children about the sea, as well as to engage them in thinking about the people they know in a more profound, yet not overtly preachy or moralistic, way.

Entertaining Learning

Teaching kids while entertaining them at the same time is sort of like using sugar to sweeten medicine so that it goes down more smoothly. A great tool to this end is the kid’s ebook, the Pacific Ocean, which features nicely illustrated, well-drawn, comic style characters who are open and friendly and completely absent of any subversive traits. Children are drawn to Professor Beetoven, who talks about the measurements and dangers and inhabitants of the sea, as well as the history of its chartography. Kids don’t even know they are learning, but are excited to discover new information about the natural world.

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Kids e book

Voiceover Talent

Rich Crankshaw
Rich began his professional training the very month he turned 18 years old. March of 1983 he found himself at Ft. Benning Georgia Infantry Training Boot Camp.
Beginning in late 1986 Rich went on to work in the Music industry as a stage tech, tuning Guitars , setting up Drums , amps and even operating a Pyro technics show . He went on to work professionally handling merchandise for acts such as, AC-DC, LA Guns, Foghat etc. And was Robin Backmans ( BachmanTurnerOverdrive ) Drum Tech for a tour .
Rich Began in Broadcasting as a news and weather announcer at his small town local radio station in Upstate NY.
Deciding this is what he wanted as a career, he went on to attend, The New School of Radio and television “, in Albany NY.
Rich worked for a couple of years at various radio stations throughout NY state and Vermont, gaining experience with live broadcasting. He also had a good grasp early on with Commercial production.
Through the early to mid 90′s Rich was a co-owner of commercial production business writing, producing and voicing commercials for Clients throughout Upstate NY.Rich Has produced comedy CD’s, an Answering Machine tape and other productions featuring his gift of Multiple character and Impersonations. From 2003 till now, Rich Has been freelancing through multiple casting agents from his home studio. His Voice Over work has been, and continues to be in Markets all over the world. He now Hosts the Epoch Times Podcast, Asia Cast for the SOH Network, and is the director/producer for an Internet radio network broadcasting on
Rich’s primary goal is in Animation work. He has spent years honing his character acting ability. Along the way because of the market demand, he has also strengthened his speaking voice for commercial production, narration, e-learning, and PowerPoint presentations etc. able to perform for high level projects and high demand clients.
Now operating from his state of the art home studio , Rich is prepared for even more success in the coming decade .

Scott “Scooter” Fortney
Voice Actor Scott “Scooter” Fortney is heard in dozens of videogames, audiobooks and animations, as well as thousands of radio & TV commercials, website narrations, E-Learning and Corporate videos and much more.
Scooter showed interest in voice-acting when he was about 6-years old, when he began creating character voices and recording short stories – complete with sound effects. As a teenager, Scooter entered radio where he spent 30-years as a disc jockey, producer, copywriter and webmaster. Since 1977, he has worked both full and part-time in voice-overs at both outside studios and in his own studio within his home in Pennsylvania.
Born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, he has also worked in Florida and New Jersey in his long radio career. Married to his best friend since 2000, Stacy Morgan, and has 3 grown sons and a daughter who was born in 2005.
Scooter showed interest in voice-acting when he was about 6-years old, when he began creating character voices and recording short stories – complete with sound effects. As a teenager, Scooter entered radio where he spent 30-years as a disc jockey, producer, copywriter and webmaster. Since 1977, he has worked both full and part-time in voice-overs at both outside studios and in his own studio within his home in Pennsylvania.
As heard all over the world, in videogames for S2 Games, Oberon Media’s I-Play, Konami, 8D World, NevoSoft, and 3D Joe, audio books like the “Ashes” series by William W. Johnstone and “The Ash Tallman” series by Matt Braun… for Marvel as Magneto in the X-men theme park shows… iPhone apps for Mathzee, Magic Ink Books, PocketZebra, People Operating Technology and Empire Apps… as the voice of Santa Claus for many “call Santa” services… and on TV and Radio across the USA and Canada.
Get to know Scooter at

I Books online

I books and Professor Beetoven’s First Adventure: The Pacific Ocean Now Available on I Tunes.

Here is the US link to the Store.



JUST THE FACTS Kids (cartoon ebooks)

One of the primary ways kids learn is through example, and what is more attractive to a young person then a cartoon? A story that is paneled and illustrated is an immediate way for little people to access information as they are pulled in through colorful characters, the obvious interchange of dialogue and simple plot techniques to keep them engaged. Through the innovative and economical technology of ebooks, children are now able to have access to children’s ebooks that are not only fun to read, but can be educational too.

Professor Beetoven is not only a knowledgeable cartoon bee who “knows everything”, but a friendly, unassuming and humble bee as well. When it comes to both being entertained and learning about the world through ebooks, children respond positively to Professor Beetoven, who is a cartoon character with a straightforward, friendly manner. In “Professor Beetoven’s First Adventure: The Pacific Ocean”, he joins the loveable comic character, Barnacle Bill, in communicating several key and basic facts throughout the plotline of the story. A lot is communicated in a fun context.

What has been acquired is summed up easily so at the end of the ebook, children are able to process all the information that has been communicated in the storyline. “Professor Beetoven’s Magic Book of Knowledge” contains an outline of everything that the learned Bee and his friends have discovered in the course of their sea adventure. It contains just the facts, each one stated simply and objectively, that have already been conveyed, from data about the length, width and depth of the ocean to information about the International Date Line and the various explorers that have mapped the sea. This is a powerful way of driving home the educational value of the cartoon, and reinforcing what has been learned.

Eric Simpson

How Cartoons Teach Reading Skills

Kids are attracted to subjects that initially interest them and appeal to the level of growth where they find themselves, which is why there is no market for romantic children’s ebooks for first graders, and why sixth grade children do not become excited over characters they once loved but have outgrown. When young children are first learning to read, comics are a great way to keep them interested. Cartoon characters in kid’s ebooks that balance both illustration and text keep children interested, draw them into the story, and motivates children to not only want to read, but to begin reading themselves.

Children who interact with cartoon characters in books and children’s e books who are learning to read are able to relax and put their efforts into a more natural context, and are likely see the association between images and words by studying the comic illustrations as they move through the story. Reading takes on its natural purpose, becomes a secondary function rather than a point of stress and personal concern. Even so, when children realize they are actually reading, the accomplishment is no less of a victory, and they may even feel helped or encouraged by their comic cartoon character friend.

In our day of mass media, movies on cell phone, and endless, incessant noise from every quarter and infiltrating every corner, inducing a child to sit quietly and read a book or kid’s e-book can be a huge hassle. It shouldn’t be something you do just to keep them quiet in the car, but the value of reading itself should be emphasized. There is not better motivator than allowing your children to read material that interests them, and comic cartoons are an excellent motivator in that regard, and a great way to start off children on the path to literacy.

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