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We live in a culture where entertainment is the premium value, where everything from the food we eat to children’s ebooks is targeted to merely attract the eye, satisfy the ear, or appeal to the quick fix. An entire way of looking at the world has evolved from fast food and infected us, and this has a tremendous impact on our children, who suffer from short attention spans, superficial values, and a real lack of in depth knowledge or interest in the world around them. As they become older, texting becomes more important than real communication, formulaic and bland pop music tends to shape an average teens sense of identity, and violent, crude movies takes the place of reading and learning.
Well, kids may lie somewhere within a spectrum, but it’s important to incubate in them the desire for something more than the fluff and empty pretext for entertainment, that is thrown at them constantly from multiple media points. One way of igniting a more profound level of awareness in your child is to begin to challenge them early. Stretch their imaginations beyond the surface by introducing them to books and kid’s eBooks that go beyond the cheap gimmick or passing fad.

Professor Beetoven and his friends provide an example of a children’s ebook that offers not only an appealing, colorful cast of characters, but which also present a challenge to learn more about the adventure of science. In the kid’s ebook, The Pacific Ocean, children are not only entertained, but also introduced to amazing facts about the sea, and a constant diet of that kind of illuminating knowledge can provide just the kind of nutrition that can set a course for a healthy intellectual diet when the child is older as well.

Home schooling and Professor Beetoven

Professor Beetoven and the cast of characters who are his friends are a perfect arsenal in any homeschool curriculum. Professor Beetoven is a friendly bee with a big brain and is curious about the world around him; moreover, he loves to communicate everything he knows. In The Pacific Ocean, the Professor shares the stage with Barnacle Bill, a loveable merchant mariner who is a bit hard of hearing, as they share information about the ocean, its parameters and measurements, its dangers and ports and its multitude of inhabitants, as well as a few, perhaps unintentional, puns. This is a wonderful book to have as a tool to teach while “taking a break”, an entertaining and humorous, fun-filled adventure ripe with various facts that become in the ears of small children morsels of curiosity and wonder. Professor Beetoven and his friends communicate a sense of adventure not only in the normal sense (Tad the Frog excitedly wonders if they will surf the waves in the harbor, but it kindly advised that harbors do not have waves), but also make learning itself an adventure.

The home school environment is sometimes more rigorous that other styles of education, and home schooled children are often made to meet higher standards of excellence than kids who attend public school. The Professor and his cast of friends are extremely easy for kids to relate with, and offer a way of teaching kids not only facts about science and the world around them, but about socialization as well, how people relate and communicate with each other, and why it is important to build strong character qualities such as humility, kindness, patience and humor. The Pacific Ocean is a great book to use to teach scientific facts to your small children about the sea, as well as to engage them in thinking about the people they know in a more profound, yet not overtly preachy or moralistic, way.

Entertaining Learning

Teaching kids while entertaining them at the same time is sort of like using sugar to sweeten medicine so that it goes down more smoothly. A great tool to this end is the kid’s ebook, the Pacific Ocean, which features nicely illustrated, well-drawn, comic style characters who are open and friendly and completely absent of any subversive traits. Children are drawn to Professor Beetoven, who talks about the measurements and dangers and inhabitants of the sea, as well as the history of its chartography. Kids don’t even know they are learning, but are excited to discover new information about the natural world.

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JUST THE FACTS Kids (cartoon ebooks)

One of the primary ways kids learn is through example, and what is more attractive to a young person then a cartoon? A story that is paneled and illustrated is an immediate way for little people to access information as they are pulled in through colorful characters, the obvious interchange of dialogue and simple plot techniques to keep them engaged. Through the innovative and economical technology of ebooks, children are now able to have access to children’s ebooks that are not only fun to read, but can be educational too.

Professor Beetoven is not only a knowledgeable cartoon bee who “knows everything”, but a friendly, unassuming and humble bee as well. When it comes to both being entertained and learning about the world through ebooks, children respond positively to Professor Beetoven, who is a cartoon character with a straightforward, friendly manner. In “Professor Beetoven’s First Adventure: The Pacific Ocean”, he joins the loveable comic character, Barnacle Bill, in communicating several key and basic facts throughout the plotline of the story. A lot is communicated in a fun context.

What has been acquired is summed up easily so at the end of the ebook, children are able to process all the information that has been communicated in the storyline. “Professor Beetoven’s Magic Book of Knowledge” contains an outline of everything that the learned Bee and his friends have discovered in the course of their sea adventure. It contains just the facts, each one stated simply and objectively, that have already been conveyed, from data about the length, width and depth of the ocean to information about the International Date Line and the various explorers that have mapped the sea. This is a powerful way of driving home the educational value of the cartoon, and reinforcing what has been learned.

Eric Simpson

Innocence and Wisdom

Cartoon characters have the capacity to reach children in a way that other methods do not in that they can relate more readily to well-drawn figures who have many of the same attributes they do. Characters like Professor Beetoven, Katnap Cat, Tad the Frog and Barnacle Bill (all of whom figure prominently in the children’s ebook, The Adventures of Professor Beetoven: The Pacific Ocean) all communicate both excellent values and informative facts while sharing some of the most important childlike qualities with which all kids can easily pick up on. Professor Beetoven, for instance, is the primary arbiter of knowledge, touted as the Ambassador of Intelligence, donned with a graduation cap and smart-looking spectacles, but he is also, like a child, open, friendly, inquisitive, and genuinely excited about the facts that he communicates. You will find no snide sarcasm or sophomoric insults slipping from his lips, like you might in so many other contemporary cartoons or comics, and in other ebooks for kids, but instead, Professor Beetoven and all of his friends possess a basic quality of humility that keeps them open and transparent. This is true even when they struggle with many of the same issues kids face, such as Tad the Frog’s frustration with being misheard and his words misconstrued by Barnacle Bill. A funny story, Tad the Frog nevertheless must learn to understand that Barnacle Bill is not intentionally being rude, but has a problem hearing, and therefore he should deal with his feelings of frustration and learn to be patient and accepting of others, flaws and all. Kids can pick up very quickly on these shared qualities and identify with characters in such a way that it opens channels to share curiosity and interests about the natural world as well. This is an excellent teaching tool than can be used by educators and parents alike.

Cartoons for Remedial Students

Remedial students ages 7 to 9 who have trouble either with reading or learning about the world around them may find the use of well-done cartoon characters from ebooks online as a teaching tool to be a helpful solution, rather than a distraction. Part of the problem that many young students have does not necessarily have anything to do with their ability to acquire knowledge or learn new facts, but more with their ability to project and apply knowledge within the confines of four classroom walls.

Some children have not learned how to take isolated facts and figures that are conveyed in an abstracted setting and create the kind of mental platform that is necessary for understanding what is being taught. Learning becomes a method of rote memory, lacking meaning, and is therefore very dry and confusing, which mitigates against a child’s interest and desire to learn. Education thus becomes a dreadful affair, and a young child can “drop out” or accept the notion that he is stupid based on teacher response.
An alternative route is to seek ways to create context wherein the information being conveyed can adhere to a more meaningful dynamic. One way to do this is through cartoon characters that appeal to the child both aesthetically, as well as personas that mirror the child’s own simplicity, innocence and intrinsic desire to discover the world. Additionally, a well-rendered story from a cartoon book can show the child rather than just telling her how the facts being taught apply to the real world. Kids are automatically attracted to cartoons, the color and flow of them, and it is accessibility that makes them a powerful educational tool.
Good cartoon characters and stories create the necessary context that enables children to more easily apprehend and understand the information that is being taught as she relates to the character, becomes emotionally invested, and through identification with the cartoon characters in children’s eBooks not only picks up on the knowledge that is being conveyed, but also experiences a transfer of excitement and intrigue regarding the possibilities for learning about the world around her. A simple humorous story with appealing characters who model a child’s natural inquisitiveness can make all the difference when it comes to teaching remedial children not only facts and figures , but also through inciting a thirst for knowledge teaching them methods of how to learn, as well.


Adults and children of all ages are obsessed with cartoons because of the way they tell stories in a way that not only appeals to the imagination and the mind, but to the eye as well. Comic drawings such as can be found in eBooks for kids are very popular because they not only serve to educate children, but also keep them focused and intrigued by a storyline that plays out before their very eyes. Well-drawn illustrations that are simple and pleasing to the child’s eye can carry her along while being entertained by interesting characters, and storyline that play to the kinds of interests and activities targeted for a child audience.

Among kids eBooks, Professor Beethoven first adventure, The Pacific Ocean, stands out as one that is worthy of obsession. In it, children not only discover various facts about the natural world, the dimensions of the ocean, the history of those who charted it, the number and kinds of fish in the sea, and the potential dangers of seafarers, but it is all illustrated with funny comic characters who each appeal to a child’s tastes, interests and eye. Professor Beethoven, the Ambassador of Intelligence, doesn’t cram hard information down the throat, but rather is a friendly bee with a graduation cap and a diploma in humble smarts. Younger kids love poring over the illustrations, discovering every detail, laughing at the mis-hearings of the kindly old merchant marine, Barnacle Bill, and almost incidentally, really learning about all kinds of stuff that will pique their interest to know more. More than that, older kids will discover the joy of reading as the text is presented in story form, but punctuated with excellent and appealing illustrations. They won’t even be aware they are learning things, but will inspire the desire to learn more.

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